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This is a quick reference on the Major Arcana as they're used in the latter half of the Persona series, for the purpose of fandomy stuff, namely assigning arcana to non-Persona characters.

In the Persona series, each character who is able to manifest a Persona is associated with one of the twenty-two (plus a few) "Major Arcana" trump cards of the Tarot. In earlier games, this had gameplay repercussions; Personas themselves also are associated with an arcana, and characters would receive boosts for using arcana they were compatible with and penalties for those they were incompatible with. In Persona 3, 4, and 5, Persona-users still are associated with a specific arcana, but it doesn't really do anything for them specifically besides look cool and be thematic.

Where it gets interesting is in Social Links(/Confidants), the dating sim thing 3/4/5 have going on. Arcana are assigned not just to Personas and their users, but to relationships formed by specific ~Wild Card~ Persona-users (aka protagonists) which relate to the Deep Meaning of each arcana and increase their proficiency with Personas of that arcana. These relationships can be with Persona-users or with normies.

OKAY WHATEVER COOL HISTORY WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MEAN the point is that when you talk about character arcana, you're actually talking about two similar but distinct things, so if you are a nerd who likes to pick things like this apart, you actually have twice the overthinking available to you, holy shit. And if you are a meganerd and an RPer, you can stretch it out to three or more.

The first thing is "what would this character's arcana be if they were a Persona-user". Short and sweet and simple - the arcana relates to some central issue the character deals with, the nature of whatever conflict shapes their lives. It may indicate the course of action or the kind of self-improvement that would best resolve their problems.

The second thing is "what arcana would represent a relationship with this character". This could very easily be the same as their personal arcana, but sometimes not. The arcana here pulls back from their self-concept and internal growth and focuses instead on what role they play in the lives of those around them, what of their character most influences how people relate to them, and what their friends take away from a relationship with them.

The possible third and onwards follow from the second; what arcana is assigned to a Social Link might also depend on the character who's doing the social linking, since different people will relate to a character in different ways. In P3/4/5, the protagonist is unique in forming these links, and SL arcana often have something to say about how that link contributes to their personal growth or mission.

So this is all kind of a mess! A big nerdy mess. Gotta love it.

On to the arcana!


The main 22 Major Arcana are represented in all Persona games and are pulled from the standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck (except for P5, which uses the Marseilles deck, but RWS and Marseilles are essentially the same set with a few naming variations).
In Tarot - The Fool embodies the concept of fresh new beginnings and associated ideas; innocence, free-spiritedness, naivety, potential that has yet to be refined, and personal growth. It has a special role in Tarot symbolism as the protagonist of the "Fool's Journey", a metaphor for spiritual advancement supposedly illustrated by the Major Arcana in sequence - a series of people the Fool meets, or experiences the Fool has, that guide him to enlightenment.

In Persona - In the latter half of the series, The Fool is either the protagonist's personal arcana or is linked to the protagonist's advancement through the plot, because the Social Links/Confidants are supposed to be their own Fool's Journey - they're the Fool, and each relationship they form advances their personal growth.

Things to look for - Plenty of arcana deal with developing potential; the signature concept of the Fool is being fresh and undifferentiated, and preparing to grow by taking on completely new experiences. A Fool might have lived a normal life before embarking on some kind of journey, or be an unassuming person with great adaptive potential. A Fool social link might be the person or force that leads a character into or prepares them for major, life-changing experiences.

In Tarot - The Magician deals with the transformation of intent into action. It suggests that all the materials needed to achieve a goal are present, and just waiting for skill and willpower to be applied to create real change. The reversed Magician indicates either a failure to act due to poor planning or being caught up in one's own head, or application of skills to deceitful, manipulative ends that hinder personal growth.

In Persona - Magicians tend to be sidekick-types who facilitate or embody the protagonist's passage from normal life into ~adventure~.

Things to look for - The keyword for Magician is action; like Fools, Magicians are probably on the cusp of some kind of dramatic personal growth arc, but for Magicians, that arc has to do with pulling out potential that's already there, committing to some kind of personal resolve they'd only had a vague sense of before, or stepping up and making use of the skills they possess. A Magician Social Link would relate to taking action or working to produce tangible results.

In Tarot - The HP represents knowledge through intuition, understanding, patience, and trust in one's own discretion; it does not encompass "hard" logic and knowledge passed down from authority. It's one of the heavily gendered Major Arcana and connotes femininity.

In Persona - Priestess is one of the arcana usually represented by a party member. Personas of the HP arcana are mostly goddesses, witches, or feminine mythological figures representing wisdom or mystery.

Things to look for - High Priestesses probably either have a deep, steady trust in themselves, or a character development arc that's about learning to guide themselves in the face of outside pressures. A High Priestess Social Link might be a character who provides insightful guidance.

In Tarot - The Empress is a maternal archetype representing creative power, leadership, nurturing, artistic expression, sensuality, protection, and similar.

In Persona - Nothing much to say here. Personas of the Empress arcana are mostly mother goddesses.

Things to look for - The Empress is one of a few cards associated with authority; within those, it's about authority through guidance or leading by example, since the core concept of the Empress is creativity and that encompasses launching projects and setting goals. If not associated with authority, it might be associated with untapping one's own creative potential, or with motherhood tropes. An Empress Social Link is likely to be a maternal figure or feminine authority figure, or a source of creative guidance.

In Tarot - Considered a counterpart to the Empress, the Emperor is a paternal archetype symbolizing authority, structure, wisdom gained from experience, control, and leadership. It can directly represent authority figures, or stand in for one's own confidence, discipline, and experience.

In Persona - Nothing much to say here either. Personas of the Emperor arcana are a mixture of pantheon leaders (like Odin), kings of various kinds, and Hercules-like culture heroes.

Things to look for - The standing examples of Emperors in Persona are a little abstract and usually, to my understanding, have to do with characters getting their lives together after losing or not having had mentor/father figures. Focus on the idea of control - Emperors have to grow up, draw on their experience, develop a confident core, and figure out what in their life they can and should exert control over.

In Tarot - The Hierophant is considered the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess, and represents knowledge derived from tradition. It stands for everything conventional, as well as formal education, and the concepts of institutions, society, and group membership in general.

In Persona - Generally a Social Link with an adult who can be expected to provide guidance. Personas of the Hierophant arcana are a mixture of sages, knowledge deities, and ancient, revered holy beasts.

Things to look for - As a personal arcana, probably represents a strong adherence to or faith in tradition or institutions, or some internal conflict regarding tradition that resolves in favor of the idea of tradition. As a Social Link, represents a person who is a source of knowledge, in the sense of being an elder or senior passing down tradition, or a person who symbolizes tradition/an institution/group membership. Hierophant is pretty straightforward.


Mar. 21st, 2017 08:04 pm
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welcome to pun hell.

The design and study of crest animals, heritable emblems in the form of living creatures. The crest animal tradition was derived from the practice of conjuring familiars; individual protective spirits could be passed from parent to child or teacher to student. The original practice is dead, but the symbolic value of a unique creature assigned to a family, property, or title lives on.

The features making up the animal itself are referred to as the animal's "character".

Bearing - The central part of the creature, responsible for its locomotion. In quadrupeds, this encompasses the trunk, shoulders, and haunches; in bipeds, the trunk, hips, and degree of uprightness of the body; alternately, can be serpentine (legless). The bearing must be "entire", which is to say that it must adhere to an established form and not mix the trunk of one animal with the haunches etc. of another; otherwise, the animal is ungraceful and cannot move properly, and is not acceptable as a crest. There are a rare few exceptions, usually involving mismatched front and rear ends (as in a hippocampus), and usually indicative of prestige.

Front - The head of the creature, from the base of the skull forward.

Neck - The region between the creature's head and shoulders.

Back - The dorsal region of the trunk. Used to specify only covering and ornamentation, as bearing describes the form.

Belly - The ventral region of the trunk. Used to specify only covering and ornamentation, as bearing describes the form.

Tail - The extension of the spine past the trunk, if any.

Forelimb - The frontmost limbs of the creature from the elbow down. Typically symmetrical; mismatched limbs are considered somewhat ostentatious.

Midlimb - The middle pair of limbs from the elbow or knee down on a six-limbed creature, if present. Rarely seen, usually only on squamous (lizard-like) bearings.

Hindlimb - The hindmost limbs of the creature from the knee down. Typically symmetrical; mismatched limbs are considered somewhat ostentatious.

Elements of the crest which are not features of the animal itself are referred to as the "situation". The situation of the animal is considered secondary to its character, and the animal's character should be distinct even when displayed outside of its situation, as the familiar as a living protective spirit is the central concept of theraldry. The situation is, however, still a standardized part of the crest and has its own symbolic significance.

The situation may signify a specific purpose or intention: for example, a family may adorn their property with a full crest, but sign letters with a seal of their crest animal free of situation, to represent presence without ownership.

Attitude - The stance of the creature.

Compartment - The ground or scenery upon which the creature is displayed.

Ward - Objects included in the crest, typically under the animal or compartment, distinct from those included in the compartment or in the animal's character. Wards represent honors received, achievements, or tokens of allegiance.

Motto - Displayed variously, but commonly understood to be spoken by the animal.
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I'll make a table of contents post or something later that has a proper summary of what all the hell is about to go down later, because if you're here, you probably know a little bit about the roons already. Quick tl;dr:

Rune Factory is a series of games where you farm, and also wave swords at dragons and shit. Rune Factory 3 is the fourth entry in the series, because only the ones on handheld consoles get numbers. It's also the first one that is pleasant to play. I will explain why that is the case when the relevant thingers come up.
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This is a list of possible virtues, vices, and symbolic meanings assigned to Pokemon species, the way animals represent human qualities in things like heraldry, European bestiaries, culture in general, etc. They're based on the species' natural history as taken from Pokedex entries, and how their traits and behaviors might have been misinterpreted or anthropomorphized earlier in the Pokemon world's history (or just how they relate to human life and experience.)

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PREMISE: The tarot deck, reinterpreted through values, symbols, and mythology familiar to the Pokemon universe. The suits are recast, some major arcana are renamed, and the images are redone to try to convey the same idea through imagery someone familiar with Pokemon lore would immediately understand.

0. THE EGG - An egg sitting upon a mound of earth, surrounded by water, a storm having just passed; a rainbow vanishes over the horizon, suggesting a reward in adventure.
I. THE EVOLUTION - A freshly evolved Gyarados rears up out of the sea and looks to the sky, seeing the possibility of yet greater evolution in a heavenly green dragon.
II. THE PREMONITION - A Gardevoir, Absol, and Xatu keep watch at the Spear Pillar, mediating the boundary between day and night, past and future, and the mundane and the sacred.
III. THE FOREST - A Torterra regards the abundance it carries upon its shell, where a tree's boughs are heavy with fruit and many Pokemon nest.
IV. THE THRONE - The throne of the King of Unova is flanked by the presence of the twin dragons, whose power cements the authority of the king's laws and commands.
VI. THE BATTLE - Having parted ways during their evolution, an (Espeon?) and (Umbreon?) meet in battle, testing their resolve against and coming to a deeper understanding of one another.
VII. THE GIANT - Regigigas in motion, bearing immeasurable power as it tows entire landmasses. It is flanked by a Tyranitar and Aggron, embodying the destructive and creative potential of power.
VIII. STRENGTH - Thundurus' and Tornadus' might is overcome and tamed by Landorus' wisdom and inner fortitude.
IX. THE HERMIT - A Lucario meditates in seclusion upon Mount Coronet, matched by visions of three sacred lakes.
XI. JUSTICE - Keldeo walks upon burned ground, recalling past wrongs and bearing the responsibility of deciding how they will be repaid.
XII. THE TREE - The Pokemon that walked across Kalos surrenders itself to the great cycle, becoming a sacred tree.
XIII. DEATH - Yveltal's presence brings devastation, but a single green sprout persists in its shadow.
XIV. BALANCE - As the primal titans sleep, their balanced and calmed powers mingle to make a habitable place on the Earth's surface.
XV. THE VOID - The shell of the grey dragon waits in the cold earth, ravenous for purpose and wild without it.
XVI. THE TOWER - The Brass Tower is struck down by lightning, its guardian fleeing Ecruteak as three Pokemon perish in the blaze.
XVII. THE STAR - A Shaymin drinks from a spring in a newly rejuvenated meadow, bearer of the gratitude that kindled good fortune.
XVIII. THE MOON - The waning crescent moon warns of Cresselia's protective influence soon passing, but on the boundary of dreaming and waking,
XIX. THE SUN - ???
XX. (JUDGMENT?) - The swordsman of Veilstone hurls down his weapon, accepting the consequences of his action and signaling a new era.

The type symbolism here pulls from my "Eighteen Plates" type correspondence system. Sixteen of the eighteen types are grouped into four clusters of four, based on a common theme. The two remaining types - normal and ghost - are present in the form of each card's orientation, the upright position being referred to as "Normal position" and the reversed being "Ghost position".
GRASS SUIT - Grass/Ground/Rock/Bug - material possessions, wealth, health, self-image
Ace of Grass - A Leaf Stone.
Two of Grass
Three of Grass
Four of Grass
Five of Grass
Six of Grass
Seven of Grass - A Butterfree emerges from its cocoon as six more Metapod lie waiting.
Eight of Grass
Nine of Grass
Ten of Grass
Guardian of Bug - A Heracross.
Guardian of Rock -
Guardian of Ground - A Nidoqueen.
Guardian of Grass - A Sceptile.
FIRE SUIT - Fire/Dragon/Fighting/Flying - inspiration, creativity, resolve, intention
Ace of Fire - A Fire Stone.
Two of Fire - A Rapidash and Ponyta, saddled, step through a gate.
Three of Fire
Four of Fire
Five of Fire - A Dodrio's three heads bicker amongst themselves, egged on by two Mankey.
Six of Fire - Volcarona, radiant against a sky dark with volcanic ash. Its presence is celebrated by five Mienfoo.
Seven of Fire
Eight of Fire - Eight Swellow dive through the air.
Nine of Fire - A Shelgon walks along a cliff edge, as eight Salamence silhouettes loom in the distance, facing either towards or away from the younger dragon.
Ten of Fire
Guardian of Flying - A Pidgeot.
Guardian of Fighting - A Machamp.
Guardian of Dragon - A Dragonite.
Guardian of Fire - A Charizard.
ELECTRIC SUIT - Electric(/Ice/Poison/Steel, order undecided) - i'm not done with this one yet
Ace of Electric - A Thunder Stone.
Two of Electric
Three of Electric
Four of Electric
Five of Electric
Six of Electric
Seven of Electric
Eight of Electric
Nine of Electric
Ten of Electric
Guardian of
Guardian of
Guardian of
Guardian of Electric

WATER SUIT - Water/Psychic/Fairy/Dark - emotions, relationships, connections, self-expression
Ace of Water - A Water Stone.
Two of Water - A Huntail and Gorebyss, twined about one another.
Three of Water - A Weavile and two Sneasel gather around a marked tree.
Four of Water - Four Slowpoke lounge on the shore, but none have their tails in the water.
Five of Water - A Gothitelle looks to the stars and mourns, while four Cleffa dance and play.
Six of Water - A Togekiss returns to the garden where it was born, and is greeted by five Togepi.
Seven of Water - Seven Zorua disguise themselves as other Pokemon.
Eight of Water - A Medicham travels up a mountain path that is lined with seven Zen Mode Darmanitan.
Nine of Water - A Politoed and eight Poliwag frolic in nine pools.
Ten of Water - A Milotic rules over a lake where Marill and Azurill play.
Guardian of Dark - A Liepard.
Guardian of Fairy - A Florges.
Guardian of Psychic -
Guardian of Water - A Samurott.


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IN HONOR OF URANIUM BEING TERRIBLE, here are my fakemon concepts, some of these are salvaged from an old shitty project

Gargoloch + "baby garg"
A combination of a gargoyle (as in the architectural feature), a thorny devil (Moloch horridus), and an archerfish. Gargoloch sit around on the edges of old stone buildings and snipe birds out of the air with Water Gun; the first stage runs around on the ground and collects them up for eating later. The thorny devil bit comes in because of that animal's odd ability to wick water from anywhere on its body to its mouth for drinking, via grooves on its thorny hide.
Gargoloch's skin is as hard as rock, but covered in grooves and pores. It draws water through these to hydrate itself even when it can't find water deep enough to drink from.

Gargoloch's natural habitat is high mountain crags, where it hunts Flying-type Pokemon by knocking them out of the sky with Water Gun. During the day, it stays perfectly still to conserve water and blend into the rocks around it. It climbs down from its perch at night to eat, and when the sun rises again, it soaks up morning dew to replenish the water in its body.

Though Gargoloch are rare in the wild thanks to their specific habitat needs, their populations exploded when they came into contact with humans, whose cities provided the perfect hunting grounds. They're now a common sight on the eaves of old stone buildings, where they soak up water from the gutters and hunt small bird Pokemon like Pidgey and Pidove. When it's too hot and dry to move around, they gather in abandoned attics and doze, and when it's too rainy for their prey to be flying, they play on the wet rooftops.
There's a first form but I haven't figured out what weird biology thing to base it on yet.

"fireworks flower thing"

The Japanese word for fireworks is "fire flowers". THIS IS EXPLOITABLE. Based on fireworks and jewelweed/touch-me-not, it's a plant Pokemon that fires exploding seeds to frighten off predators (evoking the whole "let's use gunpowder for rituals to scare off bad shit" concept). It evolves into a larger, more elaborate plant whose seed missiles don't just explode noisily but also produce colorful flames and other fireworky shit, maybe for communication? Which evokes the real-life development of fireworks from just gunpowder to SUPER NEAT SHIT.

"orchid monkey"

I haven't properly redesigned it, but I think one of my cuter ideas was a little epiphyte flower thing that turned into a monkey. The idea was that the epiphyte's habit of hanging onto trees resembled the way monkeys swing around, so the babies would be basically immobile and the older monkeys would take care of the colony's babies, carrying them up high into the trees to latch onto branches if they fell. I could do something neat with this.

"gryphon pokemon"

It was pretty neat-looking and I'm attached to the design which I will post at some point. Its original lore was basically Furfrou's with a side of invasive species drama, so that'll need to be changed. It was a pure Flying-type which should also change but who even knows to what.

Spectreon & Mythreon

Ghost- and Steel-type Eevees! These were linked to an evolution mechanic that I'm...still reworking, but basically Spectreon is a spooky-looking Eeveelution with a scarf that had arms; the idea was that it evolved when it was possessed by lost spirits and became a medium to gain control over them, and the ghosts' will controls the scarf, and sometimes that can be a problem. Mythreon had armor on and there was something about being a guardian of something. REWORKIN'

"prism rock dude"
It was an animate prism crystal thing. The actual "core" of it was a light-emitting orb that formed the "tail", and the beam of light entered the "body" and exited as rays of light that kept the "hands" attached. Rock/Psychic...?

"Angel legendary duo"
They were generic Mewtwo clones but I reworked them into carbuncles + seraph/cherub and I'll post that at some point. They're like benign Megatens, the idea is that they don't naturally have a form and they exist in a kind of MIND DIMENSION but when people's wishes of goodwill synchronize it can make them appear in physical form to protect shit.

The basic common mammal for this set is a porcupine. Normal/Poison...?

"electric echidna"
I don't think I really had a rationale for this originally, but a quick google revealed that echidnas actually have, like, electric sensory dots on their nose, kind of like sharks? For finding bugs in the dirt or something. That can be Pokemonified out to "senses prey and then shocks the bejeezus out of it".

"heron/wading bird"
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When writing personality sections for RP apps, it's important to convey your understanding of how a character functions as a person beyond the situations they dealt with in canon. Every character will be different in what elements deserve the most attention, but here are some questions and topics I think prompt good personality sections.

They're also good questions to keep in mind for general character-building, whether that's OC creation or the process of fleshing out a canon character to play.

What does the character act like, normally?
Are their actions and reactions typically genuine, or do they conceal their true opinions?
If so, how do their feelings differ from what other people see? Why do they do this?
How do they treat other people they've just met?
How do they respond to good or bad treatment from other people?
Where do they first think of/feel in various basic situations?
Are there any emotions they're prone to or don't often feel?

How do they understand the world to work? (Figuratively speaking.)
Is there anything significant in their past that has shaped their viewpoint? Have their views changed recently?
Where do they believe themselves to stand in the world? What do they think of themselves?
How set in their beliefs are they?

Why do they do what they do? What kinds of things inspire them to action?
Are they used to taking initiative or are they used to reacting to outside events?
What kinds of situations cause them to act differently than normal?
What do they value?
Do they have any long-term goals?
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Many esoteric traditions in the real world involve the categorization and enumeration of aspects of life; regions of the human body or spirit, elements of the world and the gods or powers with influence over them, the realms that make up the universe, and so on.

Because I like overthinking really meta shit like the themes in fiction within a universe that is fictional in and of itself, I like to think that the Pokemon world - already ripe with sets of symbolically significant powers and entities, sorted into regular numbers and arrangements - has plenty such traditions.

Pokemon types jumped out at me as having potential, for a few reasons:
- There are 18 of them, where most significant systems in the Pokemon world come in twos or threes (or stacked arrangements of ones, twos, and threes.)
- They are universal (present in all geographical locations the way other significant systems are not) and permeate the everyday world.
- They are already held to be philosophically significant, as seen in their practical study by Gym Leaders.
- They already contain a complex system of relationships that partially models natural processes.

I'm not very knowledgeable on tarot symbolism, but when I was coming up with this, I imagined some similarity; namely that, in its most secular and pragmatic form, this Pokemon type mysticism would have a use as an inspirational tool, a method of self-examination and understanding one's situation. The major difference is that, as I understand, the Major Arcana primarily represents situations and stages of action, or "verb"-like concepts. The main meaning of Pokemon type mysticism would be based on what types literally are for Pokemon; the aspects of a person or entity that describe its characteristics, vulnerabilities, strengths, and capabilities as relative to the aspects of other people and entities. In that way, I guess it's more like...early elemental theories in reality, and the theories of natural history that branched off of them - attempts at analyzing/predicting the way shit worked by figuring out what it was made of. Except less medicinal applications and more zodiac-like prediction of how to deal with shit.

In pop culture type mysticism would be best understood as a sort of personality sorting system, like our zodiac but without astrology, thanks to its common symbolic use in fiction to show how characters interact with each other and with situations around them - amongst those who study it, type mysticism would be a much more involved way of understanding relationships between just about everything in the universe.

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my baby

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aight let's try this having a journal thing again. starting with photos of my cats I already shared but now in JOURNAL STYLE so I can actually find them later

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Baby (whose real name is Sabrina but who I call Baby because she's very attached to me) likes to drag around this small stuffed cat by the neck and beat on it mercilessly. I think she started doing this during the week I was away...


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